Brandon Marshall on Denver Blogs: If it's a choice between him and Elvis Dumervil, don't let Elvis leave the building

Behold: three blogs written about Denver stuff today.

T.J. Johnson at Mile High Report crunches the numbers pertaining to Tony Scheffler, Brandon Marshall and Elvis Dumervil -- all players the Broncos might lose this off-season. His conclusion? "Letting go of Scheffler is bearable. Letting go of Marshall is not preferable if Denver can avoid it and avoid overpaying. But letting go of Dumervil is simply enough to drive you crazy mad."

According to the Colorado Independent's John Tomasic, Ken Buck is proud of being a senatorial underdog. Not that he probably wouldn't trade campaign funds with Jane Norton if given the chance...

In her Budget Bride feature, 5280's Jennie Dorris calculates the costs of getting married on a mountain. Look before you leap.


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