Brandon Putnam (No. 5): Identified as victim in Federal Heights homicide

Last Thursday, a trio of suspects in Federal Heights robbed one person at his car and then shot and killed a second man inside an apartment.

Authorities have now identified the victim as Brandon Putnam, 24, whose MySpace page describes his profession as "Super Roofer." As for his most recent status/mood update, from May 23, he used a line from Korn that's got to be tough for his family and friends to read: "All I want in life is to be happy (happy)." The song's title is "Dead."

After the shooting, a comment was posted on the page that reads, "Today was tragic and my sympathy to your family and all your friends, Brandon! It was an honour to know you even though only briefly. Fly freely and go with GOD!!"

Here's the simple release about Putnam from the Adams County coroner:


The Adams County Coroner's Office conducted an autopsy on June 4th, 2010 of the shooting victim from Federal Heights. The cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds. The victim has been identified as 24 year old Brandon Putnam of Federal Heights.


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