Breast Friend
Mike Gorman

Breast Friend

A Diamond Cabaret stripper with a new set of breasts found herself addicted to Percocet, a painkiller her doctor would no longer prescribe. That's when a fellow dancer told her about Dr. Phillip Mallory and his prescriptions-for-porno deal.

The two strippers called Mallory, who cruised over to the Diamond and wrote a scrip for each girl. When the doctor asked the first stripper what she was willing to do for more drugs, she already knew what he had in mind.

Almost every week for the next four months, the stripper would visit the doctor's hotel room -- number 413 at the Marriott on South Colorado Boulevard -- in the late afternoon. Mallory would have lingerie waiting for her, and the stripper would put on the sexy outfit. The good doctor would engage in some photographic foreplay as the lingerie came off before shifting from still images to video. At that point, he also shifted from director to co-star of the amateur porn.

Although the stripper eventually left the Diamond for another strip joint, Shotgun Willie's, she continued to see Mallory. So did other strippers: His computer files held videos and pictures of 25 or 30 women, including some she recognized. Some shots showed girls having sex with the doctor, some showed girls getting down together. Mallory also had a device that could project the homemade movies onto the hotel-room wall.

After sex, the doctor would break out the black bag in which he kept two scrip pads and write the stripper two Percocet prescriptions totaling seventy pills. When she asked for another, he'd sometimes write a third prescription in the name of a friend or her brother, telling her to go to different pharmacies every time. "If anyone asks," the stripper said the doctor told her, "say you saw me in the emergency room."

He'd also give her $150.

One time the doctor wrote the stripper a prescription in the parking lot of the adult store next to Shotgun Willie's. They didn't have sex, but she promised to make it up to him.

Police heard all of these things about Dr. Mallory after they arrested the 29-year-old stripper in July 2004 for domestic violence and possession of suspected cocaine. Telling the cops she was worried about what effect the charges might have in her custody battle for her kids, she started spilling stories about the pills-for-porno business. She said that she was addicted to painkillers and that the doctor knew it. She didn't want to have sex with him, she told the cops, but she had to in order to get the pills she needed to support her six-a-day habit. She never had sex for free, she added.

She told the cops that they could verify everything she'd said through the doctor's computers, and maybe the prescription transactions. And she gave them a couple of the old pill bottles from Mallory's prescriptions -- all covered by her insurance.

Mallory has been on screen before, but usually with more clothes on. The former Army surgeon worked in Denver hospitals as a trauma surgeon. At Swedish Medical Center, he operated on seventeen-year-old Anne Marie Hochhalter after the shootings at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. The following year, he saved a Highlands Ranch boy who was pierced by a two-by-four after a car crash threw him onto a fence. Mallory grabbed a fire-department saw and cut off the board protruding from the boy's back so he could lie on the operating-room table. That operation earned Mallory an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show.

Researching the stripper's allegations, police discovered that Mallory had received a letter of admonition from the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners in March 2004, after he provided a prescription for fifty Vicodin to another woman working at Shotgun Willie's. The prescription was in the name of the woman's daughter, a girl he'd never spoken to, much less examined.

Armed with a search warrant, on July 22 a law-enforcement collaborative including members of the South Metro Drug Task Force, the Denver Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration knocked on the doctor's hotel-room door. Mallory stepped out, and the cops stepped in.

The standard-looking hotel room held a bed, desk, dresser and air conditioner. But as police began searching the place, the image of a woman's face printed out on one of several printers in the room. The doctor's projection device sat on top of the air conditioner, and on the bed was a black case containing two of the five cameras that authorities eventually located in the room, in addition to a bag of digital cameras they found in his 2001 Lincoln Continental parked outside. On a nightstand was a television equipped to play DVDs and videos; there was a DVD burner on the floor. Among the doctor's other belongings were two computers, three tubes of sex lube, a bunch of condoms, several blank photo albums, more than six blank prescription pads, a bag of lingerie and a Shotgun Willie's ID card.

Authorities also confiscated 103 sixty-minute recordings labeled with various names and events; at least 61 of them featured the doctor having sex with assorted women. Several thousand still images, of various women posing and engaging in sexual acts with the doctor, were contained in Mallory's computer.

When DEA agents took Mallory into another room for questioning, he said he hadn't done surgery since May. He admitted giving a stripper Vicodin or Percocet after her boob job without examining her, though he had made a "legitimate basis of pain" determination after seeing the scars on her breasts at Shotgun Willie's. He told agents that he wrote her a scrip for thirty pills every couple of weeks for two or three months -- but never more than one per week. He had no sexual relationship with the stripper, he added.

According to police reports, Mallory said he had the stripper's records at his home in Centennial, but since he'd never seen her in a medical office, the records were more like notes. He admitted he might have given her a scrip in her brother's name -- for insurance purposes. Other than this girl and another stripper, he'd never written scrips for anyone at Shotgun's or the Diamond.

The doctor agreed to voluntarily give up his license to prescribe meds and turned over his remaining scrip pads to police. He admitted he'd given the stripper $150 for sex, but not to writing scrips for porno or sex. "That would be immoral," he told the officers.

One of the tapes now in the authorities' possession was evidently filmed outside of Shotgun Willie's, where the doctor asks the women to flash. "Give me what I need and we'll flash," one of the women says, then makes a reference to Valium and Xanax.

Another tape shows Mallory counting out cash for a woman he'd apparently just had sex with. When the woman asks about getting prescriptions for Valium, too, the doctor responds that he doesn't have prescription pad but will call it in for her. The girl asks for two scrips, saying she'll have a better day. "You'd have an even better day with three," the doctor replies. "I know you."

Mallory was arrested on a warrant last month. He's now facing eight felony charges for the prescriptions and two felony charges for criminal impersonation. A hearing is scheduled for April 26 in Arapahoe County.

In the meantime, the doctor is out -- on a $10,000 bond.


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