See Broncos' Cody Latimer Get Pepper-Sprayed at a Strip Club

Cody Latimer's uncle laid out after an incident in which the Denver Broncos receiver was pepper-sprayed.
Cody Latimer's uncle laid out after an incident in which the Denver Broncos receiver was pepper-sprayed.
TMZ via YouTube

Less than a year after Denver Broncos receiver Cody Latimer was busted following an incident during which he said his girlfriend assaulted him, footage has surfaced of him getting into an altercation with employees at a strip club; Latimer was pepper sprayed and his uncle wound up up flat on his back after getting punched by an employee at the nightspot. Because Latimer wasn't taken into custody this time around, he won't add to the list of Broncos arrests since the year 2000, which currently stands at 42; get the details below. But the latest embarrassment definitely calls his future with the squad into doubt.

On May 30, 2016, as we've reported, the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office was called to the residence Latimer shared with Jaimee Rando, his girlfriend and the mother of his child, at around 2:40 p.m. Latimer told authorities that Rando had "put her hands on him."

Rando was promptly booked on suspicion of assault and disturbing the peace. But Latimer was also taken away, because of an active warrant in his name. In March 2015, he got a ticket for improper lighting on his vehicle/trailer, then skipped a court appearance slated for the following month.

Hence the warrant, which Latimer handled the next day by paying a fine of just over $311.

Cody Latimer and Jaimee Rando.
Cody Latimer and Jaimee Rando. file photo

Cut to this past February 20, when Latimer and his uncle were refused entry into the Diamond Caberet — not the iconic Denver strip club, but a sister venue in Dayton, Ohio. Given that the business specializes in nudity, it's amusing that the beef with Latimer was apparently over the joint's dress code. But what followed wasn't funny. In footage just released by TMZ (it's on view below), Latimer can be seen giving a club bouncer a mild slap — and is pepper-sprayed in response. His uncle then goes after the bouncer, who lays the older man out with a single punch.

The NFL was reportedly informed about the incident, though it's not clear when. As for Latimer, he shared his side of the story on Twitter just before noon yesterday, July 16. He wrote:

I've been through so many positive life changes and have grown so much since February 20, and this situation is in the past.

It's unfortunate that something from six months ago that didn't result in anything all of this sudden [sic] becomes a big story. But I get the world we live in and all the attention we have on us.

I've talked to Coach Joseph and the Broncos, have been very upfront and explained everything. Although I was just trying to settle things down, I know I have to be careful of the situations I put myself in because I expect a lot of myself.

I've been grinding and focused on football this entire offseason, have given my life to Jesus and I'm on a really positive path. I'm heading to church with my family now to continue my journey while getting ready for camp and a great season.

It's Year 4 and it's time to eat.

Aqib Talib knows a little something about trouble and strip clubs.
Aqib Talib knows a little something about trouble and strip clubs.
WFAA file photo

This last reference is key. Latimer was selected in the second round of the 2014 draft with the expectation that he would quickly become a major contributor to the team. However, he underperformed during his first three years in the league and is on the cusp of being branded a bust. Trouble off the field will hardly give the Broncos incentive to keep giving him additional chances to prove otherwise.

Does that mean Latimer's stint with the Broncos is done? Not necessarily. Over the years, we've reported on at least three Broncos who've been linked to trouble at strip clubs without having their careers derailed. In 2001, new Hall of Famer Terrell Davis was named but never charged in a federal prostitution case against an Atlanta strip club, a place where famous athletes were said to have gotten down and dirty with employees. More recently, in 2014, safety T.J. Ward was accused of throwing a glass at a female bartender during a visit to PT's Showclub; he was subsequently entered into a diversion program and served four hours of community service. And last year, cornerback Aqib Talib accidentally shot himself after a trip to a Dallas strip club but was too drunk to remember the details. Talib wasn't arrested, but he did earn a one-game suspension from the NFL for his actions.

Of course, the difference between Latimer and Davis, Ward and Talib is that Latimer is a borderline player, while the others were somewhere between very good and great — and management knew they were worth the hassle. Whether Latimer can prove the same is very much an open question at this point.

As for Latimer's earlier arrest, it's on a roster of busted Broncos accessible on the NFL arrest database maintained by USA Today, the media outlet that's taken over this tracking duty from the San Diego Union-Tribune, which originally created the online resource. We've drawn from both sources to update our most recent list, originally published at the time of Ward's bust. Note that some players appear more than once, thanks to multiple arrests.

Continue to get details of the 42 arrests involving Denver Broncos since 2000 — Latimer included — and see the video of his February incident at an Ohio strip club.

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