Bruce Benson fake Twitter feed more fun than CU president's real account

One of the odd quirks of the social media explosion has been the proliferation of folks pretending to be someone else -- a phenomenon that no doubt annoys the typically notable person being identity-jacked but can be entertaining for the rest of us.

As an example, let us juxtapose the tweets of CU President Bruce Benson with those of the self-described Fake Bruce Benson.

As noted by the Boulder Daily Camera, Fake Bruce actually preceded Real Bruce into the Tweet-iverse. And while Real Bruce tweets things like this...

Fake Bruce is more apt to offer something like this...

...which is kinda contradicted by this...

In an interview with the Camera, CU system spokesman Ken McConnellogue acknowledged that Benson knows about Fake Bruce but isn't losing sleep over what he might tweet. "Of the 1,000 things that occupy the president's time, this doesn't rank in the top 1,500," he said.

In response, Fake Bruce first tweet-explained why he/she/it didn't respond to the Camera's request for an interview...

... before tweaking McConnellogue's quote with not just one tweet...

... but two.

That last tweet is a message both Bruces could get behind. Maybe.

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