Bubble Boom

The current issue of Time magazine takes on the nation’s foreclosure crunch by using the Denver housing market as an example of the havoc reaped by subprime loans and adjustable rate mortgages. About 25,000 homeowners will receive a first foreclosure notice this year in metro Denver, the magazine notes, one of the highest rates in the nation. While homes in high-demand neighborhoods like the urban-hip Highlands or Wash Park have dramatically increased in price and see few foreclosures, the opposite is true in older suburban areas and new subdivisions on the periphery where developers are dumping housing stock like softening fruit. The article goes on to explain how the foreclosure wave is having a rippling effect on Wall Street and homeowners who would never touch a zero-down loan with a ten-foot garden hose. To hear about how these colliding forces hit hardest on inner-ring suburbs like Thornton, Northglenn and Montbello check out Westword’s “Change of Plans.– Jared Jacang Maher


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