Carlos Mencia: Racist Jerk or Thieving Jerk?

Dear Mexican: I'm a minority, and I know we can be overly sensitive sometimes, but I just can't stand Carlos Mencia. Not only are his jokes asinine, but I feel they are actually racist. Whereas Dave Chappelle tried to make fun of society's racist thoughts, Mencia seems to promote them. I know black folk liked Chappelle, but how do Mexicans feel about Mencia? I mean, he has almost single-handedly brought back the word "beaner." What an asshole.

Tehrangelino Tim

Dear Persian Gabacho: Does the bean dare call the beaner brown? I suppose I could, especially after Mencia appeared on the September 16 Good Morning America and trashed the Mexican with this: "When you say, 'I'm a Mexican, ask me a question and I'm going to answer for all Mexicans,' that scares me. That legitimizes whatever answer that person gives, whether it's good or bad." Interesting critique, except I've never made such a claim, at least not while sober. And Mencia's one to scold, especially in light of accusations by other comedians (including Chicano icon George Lopez) of plagiarizing their jokes — way to perpetuate stereotypes, Carlos! But I digress: Only highfalutin' Mexicans get offended by Menstealia's abrasive, occasionally funny routine. You can slam the half-Mexican, half-Honduran for his politically incorrect approach, but then you're walking into his trap — and that's what makes Menstealia a wabby genius. A comedian's raison d'etre is to agitate and entertain — nothing more, nothing less. Menstealia succeeds brilliantly — ratings for Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia remain high, and I've already called him Menstealia four times and will do it again. Carlos has the potential to become a political jester à la Chappelle or Pryor — in an interview I did with him for Latina magazine, Menstealia said our illegal immigration problem "will take care of itself...we had the same thing with the micks and wops and guineas. It always solves itself" — but he's currently happy playing the screaming fool, not César Chávez. Let the pendejo mug, I say. If you don't like him and want gentle, polite Latino laughs, tune into Ugly Betty.


George Lopez

Dear Mexican: Why can't the politicos in Washington and the American people give undocumented U.S. college-educated students a chance to contribute to society by legalizing them and giving them a chance to develop to their full potential? It's easy if they try. It's a win-win situation. The current status is a lose-lose situation. We can do better — way better. Justice for college graduates, and above all, justice for all.

I Still Have a Dream

Dear Wab: Because they're illegals, silly! But seriously, I understand why Know Nothings oppose amnesty for drunks, cholos, welfare cheats, Aztlanistas and other stupid Mexicans, but for them to also bash the DREAM Act (which seeks to grant in-state tuition and amnesty to foreign-born college students who have lived here long enough to be more American than immigrant) is loco. If anything, we should apply the DREAM Act to all college undergrads; as currently proposed, eligible students must earn good grades and quickly advance in their studies under threat of deportation. Enact the DREAM Act and watch American graduation rates rise to chinito levels.


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