Carmelo Anthony trade: Melo using Twitter to vent and whine about rumors and haters

The talk of a blockbuster Carmelo Anthony trade to the New Jersey Nets continues to build, and with it the pressure on Melo.

Throughout the process, he's been cautious with his public comments -- but in the past day or so, posts on his Twitter feed have grown increasingly whiny and defensive.

For instance, he posted this early Wednesday morning:

He seemed to apologize for the tone of this tweet, sort of, a few minutes later:

But less than a half an hour later came this:

Followed quickly by this:

And he wasn't finished. Here's a tweet from 1:26 a.m.:

And then, ten minutes later...

Within the hour, Melo appeared to have tweeters remorse. He finished up with these two statements:

Don't know how much longer this trade ordeal can drag out -- but it's clearly taking its toll on everyone. Including the man who prompted it in the first place.

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