Channel 7 in the Anchorman Era

YouTube user robatsea2008 loves the news -- especially the old kind. Posts under that name include a treasure trove of vintage clips from long-ago Denver newscasts, each one more cackleworthy than the next. Example? Check out the following clip from a 1977 Channel 7 broadcast featuring gloriously tacky graphics and a synthesizer theme straight out of a Z-grade sci-fi flick, plus anchors John Lindsey and Bob Palmer and weather guy Larry Green making retro look gooooood. Green's seen above in a more contemporary photo -- a shot that will only increase your appreciation for the bodaciously poofy shag cut he wore three decades ago, which you'll be able to see up-close and personal three minutes in. Will Ferrell, eat your heart out.

Click "More" to see the clip:


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