Colfax on the Rocks

Colfax on the Rocks

Although I’d had enough scotch to get me through last night, a Brazilian friend of mine and I decided we’d check out Sancho’s Broken Arrow for one last drink. We were cutting through an alley at Colfax and Humboldt when we heard a ruckus -- after which a young woman told us that two guys out in the street were launching boulders at cars. Since I live in the neighborhood, I ran in the direction of the disturbance to see firsthand what was really going down. Before I made it to the street, I saw a very large man with a 25-pound boulder high overhead.

“Are you guys smashing cars?” I asked.

“No man, we’re just bowling, like the Flintstones. Bedrock,” he said as he hurled the boulder down the alley, sparks shooting off the pavement.

I called bullshit.

Impulsively, I ran away, then cut around a tattoo shop and doubled back to see what kind of damage they were causing. By the time I got back to the alley, though, a Denver cop already had the boulder bowler in ‘cuffs.

My friend and I proceeded to Sancho’s, which was boring, so we went across the street to Good Times for a burger. We were still discussing the drama when a car rolled up and a dude in a wife-beater got out and asked if he could sit down and join us. We welcomed him and his story as he lit up a smoke.

Turns out he was born in Romania but raised (by Mafiosos, he claimed) in Houston. He was up in Denver for work, because some piece-of-shit that owed his family money wasn’t paying up. Said-piece-of-shit was in Sancho’s, and the Romanian sat and chilled with us until the person he was after came out of the bar, along with a female.

Then the Romanian flicked out his cigarette and jumped back in his car, taking off after the couple.

Just another night on the rocks on Colfax.


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