Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck

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Politicians and tarot decks are amazingly similar. Both were created for trick-taking games, and both are largely used by the foolhardy to foretell the future. The personalities of Colorado's most widely known politicians correspond remarkably well to the characters and symbols of the 22 major trump cards of a tarot deck. And, much like the Major Arcana, each of Colorado's major politicians has two interpretations. It all depends on which voter is dealing the cards ...

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Perpetual Republican Grand Old Party Boy

Muhammad Ali Hasan, the Fool

Card Interpretation

Upright: Passionate, Hasty, Brash, Extravagant, Unlimited Possibilities.

Reversed: Unable to complete projects, Easily bored, Overbearing.


(right) Democratic Candidate for Colorado Governor

John Hickenlooper, the Magician

Card Interpretation

Upright: Charismatic, Creative, Willing to help those willing to work.

Reversed: Insincere, Insecure, Nonsensical glad-handing con artist.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman

Pat Waak, the High Priestess

Card Interpretation

Upright: Secret Knowledge, Intuitive, Absolute control.

Reversed: Wrong instincts, Vindictive, Trifling, Gets off on being withholding.



Democratic Candidate for State Treasurer

Cary Kennedy, the Empress

Card Interpretation

Upright: Nurturing, Educational, Creativity in financial affairs.

Reversed: Emotionally needy, Craves the spotlight, Expertly lazy.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, 6th District

Mike Coffman, the Emperor

Card Interpretation

Upright: Authority, Stability, Confidence, Militaristic, Action-oriented.

Reversed: Petulant, Cruel, Snob, Obsessive-compulsive patriotism disorder.


(right) Republican Candidate for Colorado Governor

Dan Maes, the Hierophant

Card Interpretation

Upright: Problem-solver, Benevolent dictator, Historically significant.

Reversed: Unorthodox, Vulnerability, Impotent, Tyrannical mis-manager.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Republican Log Roller Wendy Evans and Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams

Card Interpretation

Upright: Right Choice, Eager communication, Party unification.

Reversed: Wrong choice, Untrustworthy, Fickle, Frustration, Heartache.


(right) Democratic Representative for State District #7 and Speaker of the House

Terrance Carroll, the Chariot

Card Interpretation

Upright: Determination, Overcoming adversity, Moving forward.

Reversed: Inability to control donkeys, Spinning wheels, Whiplash.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Democratic Thunderbolt and next Denver Mayor

Elbra Wedgeworth, the Strength

Card Interpretation

Upright: Strength, Energy, Wilpower, Lion tamer, Conviction.

Reversed: Unwarranted anger, Control lost to impulses and desires.


(right) Democratic Challenger U.S. Senate Candidate

Andrew Romanoff, the Hermit

Card Interpretation

Upright: Enlightenment, Patience, Selfless service, Industrious, Virginal.

Reversed: Secretive, Foolish pride, Creator of tension, Won't give up.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate

Michael Bennet, the Wheel of Fortune

Card Interpretation

Upright: Accepting of all kinds of change, Easy ride, Faith in millionaires.

Reversed: Over-inflated ego, Depression, Things go from bad to worse.


(right) Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress, 2nd. District

Jared Polis, the Justice

Card Interpretation

Upright: Wisdom to do what is right, Fair-minded, Skilled with beer bongs.

Reversed: Unbalanced, Overly sentimental, Cold and calculating.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Sacrificial Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

Josh Penry, the Hanged Man

Card Interpretation

Upright: Fresh perspective, Self-sacrifice to bring about real change and effective change.

Reversed: Limited perspective, False prophet, A part of the problem.


(right) Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress, 4th District

Betsy Markey, Death

Card Interpretation

Upright: Victory over an incumbent, Abrupt and complete change of mind.

Reversed: Defeated as an incumbent, Unable to humble and exult the electorate as desired.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress, 1st District

Diana DeGette, Temperance

Card Interpretation

Upright: Merges impossible opposites, Influential in stem-cell awareness.

Reversed: Single-issue obsession, Erratic, Stubborn, Clueless to consequences.


(right) Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, 4th District

Cory Gardner, the Devil

Card Interpretation

Upright: Aggressive, Controlling, Promotes personal ambition.

Reversed: Ill-tempered, Bad habits, Panders to shallow people, Deep psychosis.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Republican Candidate for Colorado Governor

Scott McInnis, the Tower

Card Interpretation

Upright: Sudden change, Abandonment of the past, Painful revelation.

Reversed: Succumbs to self-delusion, Misguided, Big liar, Bankruptcy.


(right) Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, 7th District

Ryan Frazier, the Star

Card Interpretation

Upright: Limitless possibilities, A spark of hope in a bleak time.

Reversed: Wishy-washy, Overly rational without ideals, Lacks proper motivation.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Jane Norton, the Moon

Card Interpretation

Upright: Manic genius, Daydreamer, Attractive to howling dogs and crabs.

Reversed: Perpetuates fear and falsehood, Anti-social, Manipulative, Potty mouth.


(right) Democratic Candidate for State Attorney General

Stan Garnett, the Sun

Card Interpretation

Upright: Clarity in thinking, Brilliance in reason, Determined in actions.

Reversed: Half-baked ideas, Diminished hope, Refusal to see the light.

Colorado politics 2010 tarot deck


(left) Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Ken Buck, the Rejuvenation

Card Interpretation

Upright: Awakening, Renewal of opportunities that require real sacrifice.

Reversed: Obstinacy, Fear of change, Solutions create worse problems.


(right) The Honorable Colorado Governor

Bill Ritter, the World

Card Interpretation

Upright: Success, Respect, Perfection, Satisfaction, Happiness.

Reversed: Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Scandal, Divorce, Poverty.

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