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Here's a context-free collection of comments posted after assorted blogs on Apparently, thou shalt not behave any better on the Internet than thou doth in public.

No! We can't elect this guy! He might suddenly stop hating gay people! And that would be terrible! 

One man's religion is just another man's cult.

You cannot prove Christ came to the USA any more than you can prove Martians came here.

Religion teaches people intolerance and closed-mindedness. The so-called great books teach hatred.

Get your facts straight, get with the times, and stop being such a narrow minded little putz.

I may not wish to destroy Christianity myself, but I can be hell on wheels passive-aggressively.

I have seen the mind of religious people, and I have not found it pretty.

These leaders of Protestantism amount to nothing more than the bouncers of a club.

Also, you would think after that many years of "praying away the gay," the need to be in the arms of another man should have been driven to oblivion. I would've had just as much luck "praying away" my right hand. 

You are all so dumb for real. I can not believe you read this article and gave it any consideration. This guy is obviously gay.

He's unable to find a definition of marriage, perhaps because he didn't check the dictionary. 

"Uppity" meaning that the women don't know their place in the gender hierarchy.

What I learned from listening to them talk is that, if you tell the thousands of hormone-driven students at Wheaton College that, whatever they do, they must not have "sexual intercourse," then you will have a substantial percentage of the combined brainpower of the Wheaton College student body devoted to figuring out what exactly they can do that does not count as "sexual intercourse." 

Is sanctimony a product made from cattle? 

I knew a woman who believed that all mental illness was caused by demons.  I was particularly shocked as she had been a practicing mental health nurse for a number of years.


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