Contestant #2: Stephanie Ohnmacht

Meet our second victim in the Tamarac Square Fashion Project rundown.

Name: Stephanie Ohnmacht

Years designing: Sewing since I was seven.

Bio: At seven I was given a beat-up sewing machine, scrap fabric and a license to sew anything I could dream of. Since my sisters on the farm were uncooperative models, I turned my designing skills to the animals and dolls, who were soon sporting some of the latest fashion designs. Sewing became my passion, much to the joy of any local fabric store. I fed this passion by competing in 4-H competitions for ten years during my youth.

I am currently a successful professional providing marketing and business strategy advice to Fortune 500 companies. I have been seeking a way to marry my professional success with my passion for fashion. My home office desk is a testament to this with the prominent placement of my laptop, sewing machine, and a stack of Vogue and Threads magazines. I try to share my passion by teaching design and construction to my interested friends, even my boyfriend. I sew every chance I get and love the renewal that working on my projects creates in me. Denver celebrity you'd most like to design for? The first one who calls me. What inspires you? (No fair saying everything; be specific.) Hollywood glam Favorite Denver eatery? Wahoo's Fish Taco. A fish bowl a day keeps the doctor away. Favorite local boutique? Frolick. Cute dresses! Favorite fabric? Cotton -- great for skirts and dresses. Favorite way to finish seams? French Prints or solids? Prints, but nothing too crazy. Dogs or cats? Westies! Yes, that means dogs. Kate Moss or Linda Evangelista? Linda — classic supermodel. Favorite guilty pleasure? Playing hooky on a warm spring day at the park. Last book you read? The Feast of Love, by Charles Baxter Red chili or green chile? Green New York or L.A.? New York -- when it's warm Chloe Dao or Jeffrey Sebelia? Chloe! Loose or tailored? Tailored Jacqueline Kennedy or Jackie Brown? Jackie O. Town or country? Town — it's not easy wearing heels in the country. Silk charmeuse or silk shantung? Charmeuse Couture or ready-to-wear? Couture. It doesn't get better then that. Curvy or androgynous? Curvy: Work the curves you've got. Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan? Neither. Give me smart-girl. Michael Kors or Zac Posen? Michael Kors Jeans or slacks? Ummm -- jeans are great, but you have to mix it up with great trousers. Bill Ritter or John Hickenlooper? Hick Escalade or Prius? Prius Vogue or W? Vogue Favorite current couture designer? Versace. Please make me a dress! Favorite past couture designer? The original Christian Dior Sleek or volume? Mix Form or function? Form. Fashion isn't about function Favorite place to travel for inspiration? Take me shopping. Favorite place to travel for fabric? NYC Polkadots or camouflage? Polkadots Pretty or edgy? Pretty Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn? Tim

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