CU Obama basher Zach Lahn gets shut down on MSNBC

Since asking the most confrontational question at President Barack Obama's healthcare town hall in Grand Junction on Saturday, ultra-conservative CU student Zach Lahn has extended his face time by going on a tour of cable-news talking-head broadcasts. Predictably, Fox News did its best to turn him into a right-wing folk hero. But the ride was bumpier on MSNBC, where host Contessa Brewer interrupted the talking points he was able to voice more fully during a chat with CNN's Wolf Blitzer before easily disputed his contradictory logic. Then, when he asked if he could make one more point, she said a word seldom heard on programs like this one: "No." Somewhere, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are cheering -- and Sean Hannity is bitching about left-wing media bias.

Check out both the MSNBC and CNN footage by clicking "Continue."

The MSNBC appearance:

The CNN appearance:


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