Like this, but with a knife.
Like this, but with a knife.

Curtis Thomas: Deputy fire marshall tased while holding knife to throat in domestic violence bust

Curtis Thomas, reportedly a deputy fire marshal with North Metro Fire Station 64 in Broomfield, really, really didn't want to be arrested on outstanding warrants for domestic violence and harassment. According to the Broomfield Police Department, he pulled out a knife and held it to his own throat. Cops responded by shooting him with two bean-bag-bullet-like projectiles and a Taser, which immobilized him before he could do any slashing. Read the BPD account below:

On Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at about 3:27 p.m., the Broomfield Police Department responded to the North Metro Fire Department Station 64 at 13515 Lowell Blvd. to assist the Denver Police Department in locating a male wanted for an outstanding warrant for domestic violence, harassment and harassment by telephone.

Officers contacted 48 year old Curtis Thomas /030562/. He produced a small knife and pressed it to his own throat. Mr. Thomas started to cut himself with the knife as officers deployed two less lethal munitions rounds and one Taser cartridge to prevent Mr. Thomas from causing himself further injury. Mr. Thomas was struck with the less lethal rounds and the probes from the Taser. Mr. Thomas received non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a metro area hospital for a precautionary examination.

Mr. Thomas was released to the custody of Denver Police Department on the outstanding warrant.


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