Cut-Rate Calatrava!

Cut-Rate Calatrava!

After receiving $13 million to design DIA's new south terminal hotel and commuter rail station, architect Santiago Calatrava abruptly quit the project because it lacked sufficient funding.

Mayor Michael Hancock and DIA manager Kim Day claim to own Calatrava's designs and will proceed to complete his world-class architectural vision on time and within Denver's Third World-class budget. Of course the project can be done for less money! But it'll look a little different.

Denver can save even more money! Instead of hiring an architect, the south terminal hotel can be built using the branding designs of corporate hotel chains. The terminal commuter rail station can be built and managed by a strip mall development/management team. And, as in the Denver Parks, all restrooms can be replaced with inexpensive portable toilets.


Santiago Calatrava


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