Front page below.
Front page below.

Dan Haley's satirical goodbye front page from his colleagues at the Denver Post

The Denver Post isn't exactly known as a laugh-out-loud publication. But there are plenty of people at the paper with a great sense of humor, and we've got proof courtesy of a satirical front page produced as a goodbye gift to editorial page editor Dan Haley, who left the Post to become a bank director.

Check out the hilarious lead paragraph from the page-one editorial entitled "Haley's Bank Shot a Misfire."

When The Denver Post selected Dan Haley as editorial page editor, management thought it was getting a modern-day version of Sue O'Brien to be the next conscience of Colorado. Instead, it got saddled with a toady to Republican moneymen and a lacky to the vestiges of social policies from the 1970s -- a switch-hitting bag man for both business interests and Boulder liberals.

The chuckles don't end there. The page also includes a montage of Haley photos, including one that pictures him as Potsie of Happy Days fame; an above-the-banner reference to editor Greg Moore and publisher/de facto owner Dean Singleton that reads, "Blah Blah Blah: Dan Haley admits: 'When Greg or Dean spoke, I just tuned out;'" and a list of the "Top 11 things Dan always wanted to say," which concludes with "Fooled ya! I'm actually left of center."

The tribute page is actually something of a Post tradition, and a notably endearing one. If more items like these wound up in the actual paper, the Post might be able to give The Onion a run for its money.

Here's a look at the complete front page:

Dan Haley's satirical goodbye front page from his colleagues at the Denver Post

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