Daniel Alderete (No. 14): Photo released of man shot by police, Filberto Alderete busted

Update below: Earlier today, we told you about a barbecue gone wrong in which Filberto Alderte was arrested regarding a first-degree murder investigation and Daniel Alderte was apparently shot by a Denver Police officer. The DPD is now confirming that Daniel was indeed the person shot by police, adding this small amount of extra info: "The suspect involved in the officer involved shooting has been identified as Daniel Alderete (8-5-84). Alderete remains at in custody at Denver Health Medical Center in fair condition."

The DPD has also released the photo of Felipe seen here. See a photo of Daniel below:

Daniel Alderte.
Daniel Alderte.

Update, July 22: Read about the latest developments in the case in this post: "Daniel Alderete: Make My Day Situation Aside, Shooting by Cop Deemed Justified."


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