Dear Stoner: Can I light up in my parked RV?

Dear Stoner: I know that smoking marijuana openly isn't legal anywhere, but what if I'm parked in my RV at a campsite with the windows rolled up and nobody can see me? Would that be legal?

Pot Smokey the Bear

Dear Bear: I like where your head is at, but unfortunately the answer is no. It would not be legal to smoke marijuana in your camper (or tent or car) in a state park — and that includes Jellystone. Even if the vehicle is considered your primary residence, it is where that vehicle is located that matters.



If you've got all your bases covered and Boo-Boo isn't blowing herb smoke into the face of the occasional park ranger patrolling known campsites, though, you've probably got very little to worry about so long as you're in a state park here in Colorado. We would say be respectful of anyone camping around you, but you probably are anyway, right? Keep in mind that marijuana isn't legal at the federal level, so keeping your herb low-key in national parks might be a smart idea. Especially at busy, tourist-heavy places like Rocky Mountain National Park, where even possession is against the law.

That said, I can't remember a camping trip that didn't involve at least a half-ounce of fine Colorado sinsemilla, and I've never gotten in any trouble. Your biggest concern should be making sure you don't start an unintentional fire by tapping out a half-cooked bowl or charcoaling a piece of hash into the brush. That's the last thing the marijuana community needs right now: People blaming forest fires, along with everything else, on marijuana.

Dear Stoner: Would marijuana beer work?

Dave in Arvada

Dear Dave: That's a pretty vague question; we'll assume by your brevity that you're more of a drinker than a ganja smoker. Anyway, would it work? Hell, yeah, it would work. It would be the top seller worldwide the instant it hit the shelves — if all current marijuana laws were disregarded.

The problem is, it wouldn't actually work: Beer — even the strongest brew — has such a low alcohol content that it won't extract enough THC to be worthwhile. And unlike distilled spirits like vodka, which can produce some potent cannabis drinks, beer can't be left out to evaporate away to make the mixture more potent by volume.

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