Dear Stoner: Can I use edibles at work?

Dear Stoner: Are edibles the best way to get high on the downlow? I have a retail job, and when the holiday season arrives, the place turns into a hellish nightmare of customers running me around like a chicken with its butt-feathers on fire. I desperately want to use marijuana at work, to ease the stress and keep me from throwing things and going off on customers, but I can't just spark one up.

Chewy McCanna-busy

Dear Chewy: I'm passing your question to our guest Stoner, Jenn Wohletz, who brings a knowledge of cooking as well as cannabis to the discussion. Here's her answer:


Ask a Stoner

The holidays do seem to bring out the very best — and the deadly worst — in shoppers. And, yes, cannabis-infused edible products can offer a discreet, delicious way to feed your head while you're stuck in customer returns. Here's the deal with edibles on the downlow:

If you have little or no previous experience with infused items, watch your dosage and try some at home, on your day off, to get a feel for how your body will react to ingesting cannabis. There are plenty of dispensaries that sell edibles: candies, suckers, cookies, brownies, cereal bars and even tinctures you can add to a water bottle. These products are labeled with dosages, and I recommend starting with the lowest possible dose, 100 mg of active THC per package, and eating the products in 10 mg doses. I'm a huge fan of Edi-Pure's candies (check out to get started exploring the different treats; you may have to call around to see which dispensaries carry which products), because they are lab-tested for precise dosing and have no tell-tale cannabis aroma and little to no marijuana flavor. And they look and taste just like common, everyday sweets such as lemon drops, cherry bombs, gummy bears and tropical tarts. (By the way, Edi-Pure's root beer candies are killer.)

Everyone is different when it comes to how they digest and handle the THC in edibles. A good rule of thumb is not to assume that edibles are somehow weaker than smoking buds, because it's all too easy to get straight-up wrecked, and you really don't wanna get that level of messed up while you are at work.

Lastly, it would be in your best interest to find out where your company stands on marijuana use — and know that even if you live in a state that supports medical or recreational cannabis, your employer has the choice to allow or ban-hammer your Mary Jane in any form. And you absolutely could get your ass fired for the holidays, which is not a gift that keeps on giving.


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