Delegating Denver #4 of 56: Arizona

Delegating Denver #4 of 56: Arizona


Delegating Denver #4 of 56: Arizona

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Total Number of Delegates: 67

Pledged: 56

Unpledged: 11

How to Recognize an Arizona Delegate:

The Arizona Look is famous the world over. Just start with a pair of the definitive two-buckle, slip-on "Arizona" style of Birkenstock sandals and a pair of Arizona jeans from J.C. Penney. Female Arizonans top these basics with flowing, gypsy-sleeved cotton smocks cinched at the waist with a beaded belt that matches their dangling beaded earrings and multiple strands of beaded bracelets and necklaces. Male Arizonans wear cotton snap-down Western shirts and an optional sport coat, both in dark colors to accentuate their turquoise and silver bracelets, necklaces, belts and nut-brown tans. Underneath, all Arizonans, from Alice Cooper to John McCain, love to wear the latest thongs and g-strings from "Parr of Arizona."

Famous Arizonans:

Cochise, Geronimo, Cesar Chavez, Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt and David Spade

Famous Arizona Democrats:

U.S. Rep. Morris K. Udall; Stewart "Clean Air Act" Udall (Secretary of the Interior during the Kennedy and the Johnson administrations); Bruce Babbitt (Secretary of the Interior during the Clinton administration)

Famous Arizonans With Denver Connections:

Morris K. Udall played professional basketball with the Denver Nuggets for one year; Mark Udall (son of Morris K. Udall, was born in Tucson and is the current U.S. representative for Colorado District 2)

State Nickname: Grand Canyon State

Population: 6,166,318

Racial Distribution: 60% white, 3% black, 3% Asian, 5% Native

American, 29% Hispanic

Per Capita Personal Income: $25,500

Unemployment: 6%

Recommendations for the Arizona Delegation:

Most Arizonan Denver Neighborhood: Regis

Most Arizonan Bar:

Martini Ranch

1317 14th Street

This Denver version of an Arizona favorite will have enough exposed skin and martini selections to remind delegates of a night in Scottsdale.

Most Arizonan Restaurant:

La Fiesta

2340 Champa Street

Easily the most delicious and accessible place for Arizonans to satisfy their addiction to green chile.

Best Day Trip: Highland

Delegating Denver #4 of 56: Arizona

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From the Grand Canyon to the 300% population growth since 1950, Arizonans live in a state of spectacular scenery and urban sprawl. A day trip outside the city of Denver would only be more of both. The one thing that an Arizonan will never see in Arizona is a vibrant, historic neighborhood that can be accessed on foot. A stroll down the 16th Street Mall, through Commons Park and over the Highland Pedestrian Bridge will be a revelation to a resident from the Grand Canyon State. From their comfy sidewalk seats at any Highland cafe, they can watch the locals go about their modern lives of fusion cuisine and shagged-pixie hairstyles in turn-of-the-(previous)-century buildings.

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