Denver-area woman Gabi Jones says overeating gives her orgasms

An image of Gabi Jones from her website
An image of Gabi Jones from her website

The article says that Jones first discovered her affliction when she was eating ice cream:

'My friends thought I was making it up,' said Miss Jones, of Colorado, 'I was stunned but in no doubt of what had happened.'

She has put on 95kg (15st) in the past five years as she gorged and climaxed.

That's 209 pounds she's apparently added; she now weighs some 490 pounds. In an e-mail, Jones writes that is "shocked" at how far the British newspaper story about her food/orgasm syndrome has traveled. She declined an interview request.

The piece goes on to explain that she "decided to profit from her affliction" by setting up a fetish website "where punters pay to watch her scoff herself to orgasm." And, indeed, a fast search of her name turns up, which features hundreds of photos of Jones "being naughty with food, in public" at various locations in and around Denver.

Apparently Jones does non-nude modeling, too, and views her exposure as a way to increase public acceptance of the obese. A slideshow posted on last year followed Jones through her daily life in the suburbs of Denver, including swimming at the Wheat Ridge rec center. A photo caption says Jones "wants to change society's views on people of her size and wants the world to know it's OK to be fat."

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