Denver Blogs: Claudine Longet has nothing on this allegedly homicidal Aspen socialite

We haven't forgotten you, Claudine.
We haven't forgotten you, Claudine.

Denver blogs are bloggeriffic!

George Jahn at Huffington Post Denver shares the fiery tale of Pamela Phillips, an Aspen socialite busted in Austria for allegedly killing her ex-husband with a pipe bomb in 1996. Oh, sweet memories of Claudine Longet...

Steve Nichols at Mile High Report wants the Broncos to get physical against the Chiefs this weekend. But not in an Olivia Newton-John kinda way...

Jennie Dorris at 5280 shares eco-tips about sealing up "your mail slots and old milk doors using simple blocks of Styrofoam." Problem: The sound of Styrofoam makes me want to jump off a building. If I did, though, that would cut way down on my future energy use, wouldn't it?

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