Denver Blogs: Mark Udall promotes the nuclear option

"Trust me, Senator. I have everything under control!"
"Trust me, Senator. I have everything under control!"

Local bloggers are easier to love -- because they're so conveniently located.

5280's Michael de Yoanna notes Senator Mark Udall's unstinting support for expanding nuclear energy. It's clean, unless it spills -- in which case it's kinda messy.

Nate Timmons at Denver Stiffs points out that last night's Nuggets win over the Blazers was sloppy, but at least it had a happy ending. After reading over this last sentence, I find myself getting strangely aroused.

Over at the Colorado Independent, David O. Williams writes about Colorado firms that have criticized the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its alleged desire to have a "Scopes monkey trial" on global warming. How evolutionary.

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