Denver Drivers' Biggest Pet Peeves According to Our Facebook Friends

Additional photos below.
Additional photos below.

We recently asked our Facebook friends about a topic that's particularly timely on a snowy, school-closing day like today: driving in Denver.

Specifically, we invited folks to share their biggest Denver-area driving pet peeves.

And you definitely came through.

Look below to see a selection of your responses, capped by an item included just for fun.

Lynne Van Bebber Rerucha writes:

Still and always -people talking on the phone or texting-they think they're doing just fine but they are incredibly & dangerously easy to spot! Hands free means nothing cuz it also still means brain-free & we all need all our marbles to drive!!!!

Jesse Bell writes:

I agree, left lane idiots are the worst.

Sarah Whalen writes:

People that block intersections and run red lights are the worst.

Shelly Meyer writes:

People who think it's okay to keep doing the speed limit in the snow and ice. Four wheel drive does not mean four wheel stop. SLOW DOWN!!!!

Bradley Langston writes:

Nobody's turn signals seen to work. And I'm tired of guessing which way they are going.

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