Denver election guide pictures each amendment in passing: Kenny Be's Great Yespectations

Link to full feature below.
Link to full feature below.

The Colorado leaders pictured in the UFO above, Gualberto Garcia Jones, Douglas Bruce, Jon Caldara and Jeff Peckman, were all responsible for placing measures on the 2010 ballot and all have great expectations for each Amendment passing. In short, they all have Great Yespectations.

For a better understanding, voter's need a Denver election guide that offers a concise explanation of the ten measures on the November 2, 2010, ballot, with a brief disclosure of each sponsor's political agenda and a graphic depiction of what to expect if the majority of the electorate votes 'Yes'...

The November ballot takes a Brucing.
The November ballot takes a Brucing.

Like the example above, full explanations of each amendment, initiative, ordinance and sponsor is illustrated in great detail and shown in the Great Yespectation slide show...

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