Denver gets $6 million in stimulus money to go green

Getting greener all the time
Getting greener all the time

While it isn't nearly as cool as neighboring Boulder going all "city of the future" (and yes, we are jealous, thanks for asking), Denver is getting its own energy improvements in the form of a $6 million dollar stimulus check, reports the Denver Business Journal. In addition to boring stuff like paying homeless vets to plant trees and funding bike kiosks for the city's bike-loan program, some of the money will go toward making technological improvements around town. Some of those include energy audits and improvements in public buildings, accelerated adoption of energy efficient building codes and practices and replacing those old, inefficient incandescent traffic lights with new, fancy LED lights. Now, if they'd take the time while switching all those bulbs out to reprogram them to allow more than one car to turn left per cycle, they could also save about a few million dollars in wasted gas -- not to mention untold BTUs worth of bioenergy wasted in screaming incoherently at both ridiculously short traffic lights and people running them in front of you...

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