Denver International Airport invites kids to "please play" -- if they know how to pick locks

"Please play," urges the sign by the display of three playhouses at Denver International Airport, an exhibit officially titled "Form, Fun & Function," and created by Colorado architects and builders. The kids waiting for their parents to grab bags at DIA last night would have loved to spend some time in the playhouses, but it was tough to do when one was locked up tight.

A padlock kept the kids -- and adults -- from playing.
A padlock kept the kids -- and adults -- from playing.

The three playhouses include an old-time mercantile, which was padlocked: What, were DIA officials worried that a couple of adults might indulge in some playtime of their own? Also on view: a mock Conestoga wagon and a Red Rocks-inspired playhouse vaguley reminiscent of an outhouse, which might explain why no kid was playing in it last night.

As DIA art goes, "Form, Fun & Function" is a pretty mild display -- especially compared to a killer horse. Still, where's the fun in a form that can't function as a playhouse when the door's locked?

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