Michael Ledwitz dresses up nicely.
Michael Ledwitz dresses up nicely.

Denver Magazine's Michael Ledwitz is a model publisher

The Denver Post apparently has a policy against having any fun on the subject of Denver Magazine. The September edition of the glossy featured a cover shot of Channel 31 anchors Libby Weaver and Natalie Tysdale in a naughty-lesbos pose that could have doubled as a strap-on ad. But instead of looking for humor in this image, the Post's Joanne Ostrow shrugged it off as much ado about nothing in the midst of an article whose length and prominence contradicted her entire thesis. And today, former Post columnist William Porter uses most of the paper's Lifestyle section for a profile of Denver Mag publisher Michael Ledwitz that's puffier than a cotton field at harvest time, and mighty light on entertaining dish. As such, the most memorable part of the package is a giant photo of Ledwitz looking like Ben Stiller in Zoolander trying to perfect the expression he dubs "Blue Steel."

Then again, Ledwitz gets plenty of practice in front of the camera. In the aforementioned September issue, he's seen standing next to Denver Broncos receiver Eddie Royal in snap that accompanies the publisher's note, plus a one-page feature about custom shirts distinguished by three separate photos of himself (including the one above).

Watch out, Oprah. Ledwitz is gaining on you.


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