Denver police cite 17 -- most adults -- for illegal fireworks

Denver police cite 17 -- most adults -- for illegal fireworks

At least seventeen folks in Denver chose to ignore the ban on private fireworks yesterday, earning them citations or arrests, according to the Denver Police Department.

And most of them were adults.

And, of course, these stats only represent those who were caught. (Based on hours of endless explosions on this reporter's block, we'd guess that there are probably plenty of lawbreakers who did not get stopped by police officers. But that's just a guess!)

According to the DPD, fourteen adults and three juveniles were arrested for illegal fireworks yesterday. In addition, the DPD also issued a citation in association with a vehicle that had a "large amount of fireworks in it," says DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The seventeen miscreants who got popped in Denver could each face up to $999 in fines and/or court costs -- and could also be looking at up to a year in jail.

DPD fireworks flier.
DPD fireworks flier.

Even before Governor John Hickenlooper's fireworks ban in response to the destructive fires across the state, fireworks were already illegal in Denver.

And as long as the risk of wildfires continues across Colorado, the statewide ban will remain in effect.

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