Denver Post's latest attempt to keep subscribers:

Denver Post's latest attempt to keep subscribers:

Yesterday, folks who get the physical Denver Post were greeted with a wraparound ad for, a new website designed to reward people for subscribing. Readers who visit the site and enter their Post account number for a subscription that's been active for at least ninety days will be able to explore "money-saving offers" and print coupons related to participating businesses. Examples of "perks" include $10 dollars off service calls to the Appliance Store, a free brake inspection at Burt Ford on Arapahoe, $3 off a ticket for the Georgetown Loop Railroad and a buy-one-outfit-get-one-free offer at Salvation Army, where I do most of my clothes shopping. Really. Not kidding.

This approach makes more sense than the last attempt by the paper to keep people paying their bills -- an "Economic Stimulus Sweepstakes" that required participants to fill out a form (using a pen or pencil), find three logos of participating advertisers in that day's edition, and then drop the sheet at a local business. This time around, at least individuals won't have to jump through so many pre-computer-age hoops. On the other hand, the site's deals seem pretty modest at first glance, and a few don't even make sense -- or am I missing something in regard to an offer by Primary Residential Mortgage of a "$200 Meal of Your Choice"? With luck, will retain some wavering subscribers. But putting out a consistently first-rate product should cause even more to stick around.


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