Denverites do it at 8,000 feet, according to Westword sex survey

Doing it right: This fall, Westword created an anonymous sex survey aiming to lay out the sexual habits, preferences and, yes, even the kinks of the Centennial State. To mix things up, we included vanilla questions about age, sex, orientation and the like alongside some edgier queries. Well, the results are in, and, no, you're not pregnant.

But you are weird.

This completely (un)scientific survey of more than 1,600 Denver residents has concluded that South Broadway is the sexiest of four main thoroughfares in Denver (with 52 percent of the vote), while 12.5 percent of you have fantasized about doing it with a DMV clerk (seriously). Additionally, 35.2 percent of Denverites say that 8,000 feet is the highest elevation at which they've done the deed, with a hearty 5.2 percent claiming to have gone all the way at 14,000 feet and above. Brrr!

For complete results of the survey, go to Latest Word. But in the meantime, here are some of the best answers to our question regarding what the perfect Colorado position would be called: The Rocky Mountain Slider; The Peak Bagger; The Denver Omelette; The Ted Haggard; The Denver Wrangler; The Toboggan Run; The Rocky Flats Meltdown; and our absolute number-one favorite: The Dirty Subaru.

View the results of the 2011 Denver Sex Survey!


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