Denver's five best city walks according to Walking Denver author Mindy Sink

Denver literary guide Mindy Sink wrote for the New York Times for more than ten years of her writing career, but it is her Denver home that she returns to most often in her books. Last year, Sink exercised her feet and her time researching the city's best walks for her latest book, Walking Denver, a list of thirty walks that venture from the heart of Denver up into the foothills. Before she discusses the city and its walks at the Schlessman Family Library at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sink shared her favorites with the Latest Word.

Mile High Loop.
Mile High Loop.

5. Get High "On the Mile High Loop in City Park and depending on what time of year you go, enjoy the park's shade in the summer, the fall color of the arboretum, and the lilac blossoms in spring." In the book: Walk No. 14

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