Readers: Rent Prices Are Sky High, and Wages Aren't Keeping Up

Belcaro neighborhood
Belcaro neighborhood
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Dozens of readers have weighed in on a recent story, Why It's So Hard to Make a Living in Denver Despite Strong Economy. David A. posted this on Facebook:

The pay scale here isn't keeping up with the rising rents. My first apartment 10 years ago cost me $620 for a 2x1 now I'm paying $1700? I'm a native and love this state, but I'm moving away. I don't see a future in buying a house or condo here. The housing market is nuts here!

To which Alaina C. replied:

I'm not surprised of these results. Living in Denver is incredible but rent prices make it near impossible for college post-grads to pay rent and living costs and still have any money left to build a savings account.

Then Veronica S. wrote:

I have lived in Denver for about 20 years and i am so discouraged. Rent is sky high so i am trying to buy a home... Wow. The price of homes!! I just cannot believe that Denver is one of the few cities that does not have a cap on Rent. They can pretty much charge whatever they want. And dont even try to rent on a month to month basis, they will then increase your rent 2 to 3 hundred dollars. Example: I rented a 2 bedroom apt with a loft 4 years ago for 1100.00. The same place now rents for 1800.00. There no way my pay has even gone up that much in 4 years. I wish!! I have been at my job for 14 years and its a decent job, but with the cost of living in Denver, i may forced to move to another state, even though i do love it here. SO SAD & ANGRY.

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