DIA Conspiracy Makes List of World's Weirdest

This awesome list of the world's weirdest and stupidest conspiracy theories features the DIA as headquarters for NWO underground base conspiracy (See our story, "DIA Conspiracies Take Off," August 30, for the full scoop on this one and some even weirder theories about our beloved airport), alongside such gems as Stephen King killed John Lennon; World War II never happened, but was staged as an elaborate plot to trick the world into pacifism; Nazi doctor Josef Mengele was actually the Zodiac killer, the Boston Strangler and the anthrax-letter mailer; and my favorite, The Beatles were a project of British psychological warfare designed to undermine the morals of American teens.

The whole site is worth a look, as the authors tear apart a number of wacko conspiracy theories with intelligence and biting sarcasm. -- Cory Casciato


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