Did Fort Collins raid target medical-marijuana?

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With Colorado Attorney General John Suthers equating the proliferation of medical-marijuana facilities with crime , and other law-enforcers publicly suggesting that dispensaries are selling pot obtained from Mexican drug cartels , the pro-weed crowd has feared a crackdown on growing operations -- and a raid earlier this week at 2206 Suffolk Street in Fort Collins, an area captured in the graphic above (if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map"), has certainly amped up the paranoia. DEA representatives, who found what appeared to be about twenty marijuana plants inside, have released no information on the operation thus far, but as reported by the Fort Collins Coloradoan , the home in question was owned by a firm called Omni Green LLC -- a name that certainly inspires speculation. No wonder the Coloradoan piece soon popped up on a thread from International Cannagraphic , an online magazine, entitled "Colorado: End the 'War on Patients' Access to Marijuana." It'll be interesting to see if that Obama administration memo about medical marijuana causes authorities to turn up the heat instead of dialing it down...

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