Andrew Romanoff.
Andrew Romanoff.

Does a Romanoff run give aid and comfort to the enemy?

The Republicans seem to be in complete disarray when it comes to finding a U.S. Senate candidate for 2010. But that doesn't mean the Democrats will be able to cruise to victory. Although current office-holder Michael Bennet handled his latest healthcare summit well, he's been underwhelming during his first months in office -- so much so that former Colorado House speaker Andrew Romanoff, who coveted the appointment Bennet got, is reportedly on the verge of launching a primary challenge.

This is a nightmare situation for Dems. For one thing, Romanoff has more personal magnetism than Bennet, who radiates a sort of bland competence rather than anything approaching charisma. At a more basic level, though, the two of them are quite similar: Joe Biden could describe them both as being articulate and bright and clean and nice looking. As such, the casual voter might have difficulty telling them apart, let alone getting fired up about either, thereby creating a mixture of confusion and indifference that can be death at the ballot box. If there's a scenario capable of giving down-at-the-mouth Republicans hope all is not lost, that's it.

Note: The first version of this blog stated that Scott McInnis was running for the Senate. He is not; he's a candidate for the governership. I regret the brian fart.


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