Does Miss Rodeo Colorado 2010 want to save animals? Or eat them?

Kasie Pigg, Miss Rodeo Colorado 2010
Kasie Pigg, Miss Rodeo Colorado 2010

If you can't make it to the National Western Stock Show to see Miss Rodeo Colorado Kasie Pigg -- either the way cartoonist Kenny Be imagined her, or the way she appears on her website and her Facebook page -- you can read all about her via her Twitter feed.

Here are three things you (probably) didn't know about Pigg, based on her tweets:

1. Her sister has pink hair.

2. She's offended by the aggressive commercialization of holidays like Valentine's Day. (We're talking about you, Walgreens.)

3. She loves (to eat? to kill?) animals, as evidenced by this tweet: "was flagged down in the airport by some green peace guy who asked if I wanted to help save animals. If only he knew."

Hope Pigg stays away from pork. That's practically cannibalism.

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