Dog the Bounty Hunter can't get his paws on A Taste of Colorado

This past weekend's Taste of Colorado had everything — music, food, beer bellies, turkey legs. Well, almost everything. It did not have Dog the Bounty Hunter, a man who can draw a few thousand Coloradans on his own, judging from a mid-July block party that he and his wife, Beth Chapman, hosted at their Dog Pound store in Edgewater. The Taste almost had Dog last year, though: Chapman looked into getting a booth at the festival where they could sell books and paraphernalia (like clothing and accessories, photos, DVDs and key chains), and Dog himself — a hometown hero who got his start as a bail bondsman in Denver — would be on hand to greet his fans. They were told by the company that runs the Taste for the Downtown Denver Partnership that "prime booth space was opening up" — but suddenly that option closed tight.

According to the Partnership, the Denver Doghouse simply contacted Taste organizers too late. But Mrs. Dog points out that those organizers were more than willing to talk cost — until they figured out just who they were talking to. That bites!


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