Dude! Drop In!

Dude! Drop In!

Here’s a peek at the new public art sculpture being unveiled today at 3pm at the Denver Skatepark.

Dubbed Aerial, by artist John Davis, the piece is intended to “create a manifestation of the athletic movements” of skateboarding. According to an Office of Cultural Affairs press release, each element is arranged to “give form to the beginning and end of an aerial stunt,” with the big wheel evoking “a sense of dynamism,” the undulating plane referencing “the launching into air,” and the concrete arc symbolizing the “inevitable return to earth.”

Sounds pretty heady. Especially since the only thing that skaters see when looking at the sculpture is how long until someone gets enough balls to drop in from the top of the piece and launch into the park. Now that’s art in motion. Do it, wussy! – Jared Jacang Maher

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