Egging On

Offense Report No: 07-5005517 Date: 04-02-2007 Type of Offense: Criminal Mischief Location of Offense: Denver Weapon Used: Eggs

41-year-old male victim reports:

"I had a confrontation with a driver who demonstrated clear road rage. This occurred between Leetsdale and Colorado Boulevard on Alameda between 2:45 and 3pm. I had overtaken him and signaled to pull in front of him. He screamed up the side of my car with horn blaring. I was heading to my office on Cook Street, so I pulled off to the right onto Monroe. He was ahead by now almost to Madison. When I pulled up to my office, he came from nowhere, pulled up and yelled obscenities, including calling me a 'pretty boy fag.' I said nothing, not one word, as I was surprised by this occurrence. I do not look or behave gay, and I didn't say anything for him to base this accusation upon except for an AIDS ribbon on my rear windshield. He sped off, driving a late model VW Jetta, dark blue. He was a large man, maybe in his late 20s or early 30s, looked older. His wife/girlfriend with him was also large in size. When I came back to my car around 6pm, it was covered in smashed eggs. Having never experienced this before, I now believe this to be called an 'egging'. I simply drove to the car wash, but didn't realize until later that the hood of my car is completely ruined and will need a re-spray. Going by his slander comment, I believe this attack on my property to be a hate crime." -- Jared Jacang Maher


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