Elitch Tower May Be Used as Security Watch Post

Elitch Tower May Be Used as Security Watch Post

The Secret Service has been in contact with officials from Elitch Gardens to possibly utilize the amusement park’s 300 foot observational tower as a security-watch post during the Democratic National Convention.

“We still don’t know yet,” says Elitch spokesperson Megan Barber. “We’re still in discussions.” While she cannot go into details, Barber says that many possible security issues are being worked out.

Equipped with an elevator and a covered deck, the iconic, steel-truss tower (Denver's version of the Space Needle, and named the Total Tower when it opened a decade ago) offers a perfect view of the grounds surrounding the Pepsi Center, including the protest “Demonstration Area” in Lot A. The amusement park will be hosting private events for the media and delegates August 22 and 23. The park will be closed to the public during the week of the convention. – Jared Jacang Maher

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