Elyse Porterfield.
Elyse Porterfield.

Elyse Porterfield quit her job 'cause of her sexist boss? Nope -- and an Internet star is born

We've cornered three Denver blog posts. They're not going anywhere -- until you click on them.

5280's Michael de Yoanna links us to TheChive.com, whose Internet hoax about a woman using a white board to unmask her sexist boss has made a cyber-celeb of Glenwood Springs' Elyse Porterfield. For her sake, let's hope her newfound fame isn't erasable.

Purple Row's Rox Girl tells the ugly tale of the Rockies getting blanked for the second day in a row by the New York Mets. Ubaldo, looks like you've got some company.

Education News Colorado's Ben DeGrow asks unanswered questions about CSAP's protocol. Be sure to take good notes, because there'll be a test.


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