Reader: Denver Used to Be Rad Before It Turned Into a Transplant Haven

Grab your turkey leg in July.
Grab your turkey leg in July.
Nicholas Callaio

Teague Bohlen has been offering tips for transplants to Denver all year, advising them on how to prepare for each new month in their own home. And here's another tip: Whenever we publish one of his lists, including his July Tips for Transplants, natives and newcomers alike are quick to respond. Says Langston:

This is a really fucking stupid article. Every city in the world has people move to it — get the fuck over the idea that only Denver has "transplants." Ohh, the burden of new people.

 Responds Ben: 

Typical transplant... you fail to understand that a million people suddenly showing up on your doorstep causes some serious problems, especially for a state that is ill-equipped to deal with said masses. But since you're part of the mindless lemming movement so desperate to live here, you won't understand how rad Colorado use to be before it turned into a transplant haven.

Concludes Dennis: 

You all could move to Kansas if you aren't happy here. That's the cool thing about the United States.

What do you think of the changes in Denver? Keep reading for more of our tips for transplants....

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