"The last two weeks of people comparing my store to their "favorite store in Brooklyn" has inspired our new postcard," wrote Fancy Tiger owner Matthew Brown on Facebook.

F*ck Brooklyn, says Denver shops' postcard

After having seen their new ad campaign, you could be forgiven if you figured that Fancy Tiger Clothing and the Buffalo Exchange hated each other. After all, the two boutiques — which moved onto the same block of South Broadway in January and now throw joint events — have produced a postcard that reads "Fuck Buffalo Exchange: Fancy Tiger" on one side, and "Fuck Fancy Tiger: Buffalo Exchange" on the other. But, really, they like each other. They really do.

"It's a compliment," says Fancy Tiger owner Matthew Brown. "What we're saying is, 'Hey, you do a really good job. Fuck you!' It's great marketing."

Still confused? Okay, here's the backstory. In late February, Brown posted a note on Facebook saying, "The last two weeks of people comparing my store to their 'favorite store in Brooklyn' has inspired our new postcard." And that postcard read "Fuck Brooklyn: Fancy Tiger."


Fuck Brooklyn

"The point was to say you don't have to go there anymore — you can get it here. It was a compliment," says Brown. "Brooklyn is a city that has great design boutiques that we like and that we are inspired by. They have something really good. We don't dislike Brooklyn at all."

Brown posted the Fuck Brooklyn idea on his personal Facebook page so he could get feedback — and he got plenty of it. In fact, a debate about the meaning of the postcard broke out on the Facebook page of Denver Independent Boutiques, an alliance of local shops, after one of the moderators shared the postcard with this message: "If you own a store, don't do this."

"I'd say that 99 percent of what I got was positive feedback, but some people didn't get it, and I can understand why they wouldn't," Brown says. So he started talking with Buffalo Exchange franchise owner Todd Colletti, who came up with the idea of instead applying the concept to each other.

"We wanted to do something that was really stark and in-your-face," Brown adds. "We are serious about style, but we aren't pretentious, so we can get away with it."

Fuck, yeah.


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