Fifty latest reasons Colorado is the best state in the country

Colorado is having a tough time. The ramifications of widespread wildfires and the Aurora theater shooting are still coming into focus, and many questions won't be answered for months. But we're not going anywhere. In Westword's annual attempt to chronicle on paper -- to count the ways, if you will -- how we love our home state, it was as tough as ever to narrow the list down to the greatest, strangest and highest reasons we're proud to live here. If you live here, too, count this as a written fist-bump. If you don't, maybe this list will tempt you to move here.

Click through for a complete look at the fifty reasons Colorado reigns supreme, and continue below to see why it's held that spot for years.

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50. Mountain Standard Time is really the way to go.

49. The first snowfall of the year. Depending on whether your Subaru is packed in, any snowfall of the year.

48. Ours are some of the best public skate parks in the world. If you don't believe us, ask Lil Wayne.

Fifty latest reasons Colorado is the best state in the country

47. I'll have the double chocolate peanut butter porter. On Nitro.

46. The Clyfford Still Museum lives up to its legacy.

45. Frozen Dead Guy Days: We have a festival dedicated to a dead body found packed in dry ice in a Tuff Shed.

44. Chipotle is our Starbucks, so you can find a giant, cylindrical piece of Denver, wrapped up in foil, wherever you may travel.

43. Deer turn into elk at 10,000 feet. (Just testing you).

42. People fish for carp in the Platte, right in downtown.

41. Our new film incentives law welcomes casts and crews with autograph books wide open. We're ready for our close-up, Steven Spielberg.

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