Five biggest fakers in recent Colorado history

Former stolen valor arrestee Rick Strandlof has been many people in his life...two of whom were completely fabricated. But he has never been formally charged with profiting from his personalities -- nor is he the only person to have spun tall tales to change his life. Click through for stories from Strandlof and four other fakers who made headlines when they were found out.

Five biggest fakers in recent Colorado history

5. Timothy Oliver Right before Independence Day, Oliver told the Durango Herald about his extensive military service -- which hawk-eyed readers immediately saw through (and commented on).

"Timothy Oliver, a Georgia boy by birth, spent years with the Special Forces in Afghanistan hunting bad guys in hideouts in the night," the article reads. "He says he sees the faces of the men he hunted, the villagers he found massacred and mutilated by jihadists and the friends he lost. He takes large quantities of Valium but does not sleep. Still, he says he would not take back the five years, three months and 34 days he spent in the military."

But when asked, after claims of inaccuracy arose, to provide his DD214 (the paper that comes with release from the military), Oliver refused and told the Herald it could print a retraction. In the end, the Herald couldn't track down any paperwork that would back up Oliver's story and instead published a follow-up piece under the headline "Stolen Valor?"

While Oliver's story might have as many holes as Swiss cheese, he didn't lie to the Herald about winning any military awards, so he's free from prosecution on that count should any Stolen Valor Act replacements arise.

Click through to keep counting down the five biggest fakers in recent Colorado history.

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