Five Things That Went Wrong With 4/20 This Year

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, 4/20 is a big business — and that means things can go wrong in a big way, with policies that feel anything but pot-friendly and force the cancellation of some of the marijuana-friendly events our city has held so dear. Here are five things that went way wrong this year.

5. Break the Internet, cannabis consumers

Weedmaps went down yesterday for at least six hours.  Across the country, people were getting a "502 Bad Gateway" message from the site, a big name in the marijuana dispensary mapping game. And on the morning of 4/20, WeedStream's servers crashed as well. The company released the following statement: 
WeedStream Radio hit more than 6,000 concurrent listeners this morning, enough to temporarily hose its servers. The stream is back up, though, so tune in for a constant stream of songs about cannabis, or just ones that might be especially enthralling in a toked-up state. WeedStream is even collecting fan photos and videos of their 4/20 celebrations in honor of this, uh, holiday.
4. High Times can't seem to get it together

Maybe this weed is making us paranoid, but we're starting to think High Times doesn't like us. First, High Times gave Colorado the middle finger and moved the Cannabis Cup to California. Then it threw us a bone called the High Times Cannabis Awards, which moved at the last minute from the 1STBANK Center to the Ogden, indicating a substantial cut in the number of tickets it hoped to sell — even with big names such as Cypress Hill on the lineup. Announcements of the show were few and far between, which made it tough to build excitement.

3. The Big Lebowski canceled  at the Oriental Theater

A planned April 17 screening of The Big Lebowski — a movie that inspires cannabis consumption — was abruptly canceled after the owners of the theater reportedly received word from Denver police that the theater would be "raided" if the show went forward. Organizers wanted to change it to a private event at the last minute and then demand warrants from the police, but the theater decided to call it off instead. "We're bummed to see it not happening, but there will be a way to move forward in the future," says Michael Eymer, owner of Colorado Cannabis Tours and one of the event's organizers. 

2. 4/20 Rally cancellation 

We know, we know, the weather sucked. Still, as late as Friday afternoon, the Official 4/20 Rally on Saturday, April 16, was going to go on whether there was sun, rain or snow. And when organizers finally called it off shortly after 10 a.m. that day — after it was supposed to start — there were only a few inches of snow in Civic Center Park. Most flights were canceled, though, and roads were a mess to the south and west; reportedly some of the lineup featuring the likes of Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa couldn't get to Denver. At first, refunds were going to be a no-show, too (although the performances were free, VIP tickets were sold) as organizers said they were rescheduling the show.

Now they're handing out refunds, but future plans are still up in the air.

Here is the most recent update to ticket holders on Eventbrite:
This past weekend, a blizzard hit Denver and forced the 4/20 Rally to be cancelled. We believe it would have been the largest 4/20 event in the world, with over 75,000 people pre-registered and @mistercap and @liltunechi as headliners. We've heard from so many of you over the past few days who made the trip out to CO only to have the event cancelled... we feel your pain. Everyone who bought tickets to the event is in the process of being refunded now.

Both Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne are still booked for an even bigger and better event to be announced soon. Sometimes things don't work out your way, often for reasons outside of your control, but that's life and we're going to make the most of it!!!
1. Whatever this thing is from the 4/20 Bazaar

What kind of Disney mascot nonsense is this??!!! Who in God's name spent their time sewing this walking piece of human excrement together? And why is it cross-eyed? What does the cartoonish mascot say about what's happened to weed culture in Denver?

Thanks, creepy weed mascot man, for setting us up so perfectly to turn this into a meme.
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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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