Flour or Corn?

Dear Readers: Gracias, merci, obrigado for the many submissions in our contest asking readers to argue in 25 words why corn tortillas are superior to flour, or vice versa. Below are the winners for some of the cities that carry the Mexican; see the full list at www.westword.com. Don't like the winner? Then why didn't you enter, you lazy Mexican?


Tortillas de maíz are the best. There are more in a bag than tortillas de harina and they are delicious con tacos de carne asada.



New York

Corn tortillas come from the domain of the Aztec diosa, Chicomecoátl. Has anyone heard of a goddess of flour? Flour tortillas are malnourished arepas. ¡Guácala!

Salt Lake City

Corn is native to the Americas, wheat is an import. Besides, corn masa wears out your teeth faster so you can replace them with gold.

El Paso

Corn tortillas, because you can use them for more dishes — and if you mess up when frying them, you can then use them as Frisbees.


I use flour tortillas to wrap leftover Chinese food from last night and nuke it for a minute. Mu shu pork, kung pao shrimp — the best!

Las Vegas

Flour tortillas are greater than corn/

The latter type deserves only scorn/

Corn tortillas do naught but annoy/

Flour tortillas are soft discs of joy!


Mexicans suffer more from diabetes. Flour spikes glucose like a shot of tequila. Not so with corn. So they are better. Not funny, just true.


At my supermarket, flour tortillas come in three sizes. If they're better than corn tortillas, why are they still trying to get them right?


You get more corn tortillas per package at a cheaper price. So it is easier to feed the many mouths us Mexicans are known for.


Real Mexicans eat real homemade corn tortillas. Pasty, white Mexicans eat processed flour tortillas made at the gabacho Mexican restaurants. Then they get food poisoning.

Orange County

Why are corn tortillas better than flour? First and foremost, flour is way unhealthier than corn. More important, because I fucking said so. The end.


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