Focus on the Family doesn't blame Obama for layoffs -- yet

Lord save us.

News that Colorado Springs' Focus on the Familiy is eliminating 202 jobs -- the biggest single cut in the ministry's history -- naturally raised the question of whether Focus reps would lay the blame at Barack Obama's door. After all, prior to the November 4 vote, Focus published a "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America," which imagined a country where the Boy Scouts ceased to exist and pornography would be openly displayed in every grocery store -- read the remarkable document in our blog "Focus on the Family's Nightmare Scenario About an Obama Victory." And after Obama won, a Focus rep reassured true believers by noting that God had been able to accomplish his purpose through non-Christian rulers in the past; get details in the blog "Focus on the Family Implies that Obama is a Pagan."

Yesterday, however, Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger blamed the economic downturn, not President-elect Nebuchadnezzar (er, Obama), for the revenue shortfall that led to the layoffs. Wouldn't bet the farm on that remaining the case long-term -- but in the meantime, the Focus minions who are still on the payroll are busily stoking the culture-war embers. The organization's Action branch has created a "2008 Christmas Friendly Shopping Guide," which rates retailers on whether they "embrace" Christmas or have "purged or marginalized" it. The piece also works for atheists, who'll presumably be dropping a lot of coin at two operations with patriotic names: American Eagle and Old Navy. Heathens! Look for the list after the jump. -- Michael Roberts

"Christmas-friendly" retailers — prominent acknowledgment of "Christmas"




Eddie Bauer


Kohl's L.L.Bean

Lands' End

Linens 'n Things



Neiman Marcus Nordstrom

Pier 1 Imports


The Home Depot



"Christmas-negligent" retailers — marginalized use of "Christmas"

Barnes & Noble

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Best Buy


Circuit City Dick's Sporting Goods


KB Toys


Toys "R" Us

"Christmas-offensive" retailers — apparent abandonment of "Christmas"

American Eagle

Banana Republic


Lane Bryant

Old Navy

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